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The Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation & Mexican Fiesta

About our Programs:

The Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Inc. offers four leadership programs that will allow you become an agent of change in our society. The Scholarship program focuses on young Hispanic students from 12th grade through college by giving them an opportunity to get financial help for their education. The Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador program offers young women the opportunity to become a community symbol and carry the title of Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador. The Internship program provides students the opportunity to gain personal, career developing and organizational skills. The Volunteer program is design for those who dedicate their time, skills and interest in our foundation with the purpose of creating a positive impact on our society through community service.

Student Testimonial

“My name is Martha Hernandez and this past May I graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Pre-Medicine emphasis. As a first generation college graduate, it was difficult to navigate the college application process. It is thanks to the support of my family and the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation (WHSF) and Mexican Fiesta, that I stand one step closer to my goal of becoming a physician. The WHSF has supported many aspects of my studies; professionally, with mentorship and financially, through scholarships. With events such as the Annual Students Forum, I have been able to meet and network with professionals in my field. During the summer as an intern, Mexican Fiesta has taught me the necessary skills to thrive in any professional environment. Lastly, with the financial burden that a college education meant to my family, the Mexican Fiesta scholarship was a relief. This scholarship reminds me that my community believes in my dreams just as much as my family and myself. Without the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, my education would be harder to attain.”

Martha Hernandez , Carroll University