Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador Program

The Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Inc. / Mexican Fiesta is offering young women the opportunity to become a community symbol and carry the title of Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador.  Different from the previous Ms. Mexican Fiesta pageant, the ideal candidates must possess the following qualities: professional attitude, confident, goal orientated and educated.  She must also enjoy networking events, public speaking, and community involvement.  As the title holder of Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador, you will become a role model for many others in the Hispanic community.  If this is of interest to you please review the additional qualification below:

·    College Graduate or Enrolled in College

·    Between the ages of 21 to 35

·    No children

·    Single

·    Bilingual

·    At least 25% Mexican

Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador will gain experience and knowledge in many different areas. By becoming a recognized representative for Mexican Fiesta and the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation she will be in the position to make a difference in the community, receive a scholarship to pay current or past school expenses and community notoriety.  She will also be committed to attending and positively represent the WHSF/Mexican Fiesta organization at numerous events, from community banquets, parades and volunteer events throughout the year.  These events will provide access to network with top leaders of the state of Wisconsin, participate in the events mentioned over a twelve-month term.

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Ms. Mexican Fiesta Ambassador


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